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Commercial Contingency

Big Results for Small Business

What is Commercial Contingency?

Your business case with no hourly fee.

Keep Your Capital

Most businesses can't afford to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars per hour. Commercial Contingency lets you pay your lawyer a percentage of your recovery after your case is resolved, so your capital can stay where it belongs: in your business.

Motivate Your Lawyer

The traditional hourly fee lets lawyers earn whether you win or lose. Commercial contingency changes that. A lawyer who only gets paid if he wins is going to work as hard for you as he would for himself.

Be Confident in Your Case

We aren't in the business of losing cases. Commercial Contingency only generates attorney fees if we win, so you know that we only take cases we believe we can win. You deserve peace of mind about the merits of your case.

Flexible Cost Options

We offer a range of options to help clients pay for the costs of litigation, such as court costs, expert witness fees, and more. Talk to us about whether litigation financing, costs insurance, or cost advancement is right for you.